A Child’s Intuition

*The following is a true story* It was a typical evening in my 7 year-old existence. I brushed my teeth, kissed Mom and Dad goodnight, and climbed into bed. As I looked across the room, I saw the shadowy form of my sister, also in bed. We whispered for a few minutes, as sisters tend... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Humor

You've made it halfway!! In my opinion, Wednesdays are the best days to read comics. You got through Monday and Tuesday on the residual weekend high, but you've still got Thursday and Friday to go! I've found that a couple of well chosen comics are just the thing to power me through to the weekend.... Continue Reading →

Long Time, No See

Hello World! After a two year hiatus, I picked up the pen again (okay, I've picked up the laptop again, who uses pens these days?). My previous internet presence consisted of sharing my travels in Australia, Myanmar, India and Malaysia during my (first) gap year. In reality, it was a glorified update letter for family... Continue Reading →

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