Long Time, No See

Hello World!

After a two year hiatus, I picked up the pen again (okay, I’ve picked up the laptop again, who uses pens these days?). My previous internet presence consisted of sharing my travels in Australia, Myanmar, India and Malaysia during my (first) gap year. In reality, it was a glorified update letter for family and friends because the thought of sending emails to a long list of people made my soul die a little. What have I been up to since my last post, you may ask? I moved to England, deleted my blog; returned to America, became certified to teach English as a second language; moved to India, became a nanny; returned to America, created a new blog. Just the normal twenty-something year-old activities. I’ve been in the United States for a total of 27 days now and have the itch to write again. Maybe it’s because I’ve visited almost every coffee shop in Colorado Springs and don’t know what to do with my time anymore or maybe it’s because I simply love writing. Regardless, here we are.

The most difficult thing about starting a blog is deciding what topic to specialize in. Most people have an area they are super passionate about and thus, they have an endless stream of things to write about, concerning said passion. This might be cooking, photography, technology, gardening etc. These ‘experts’ are the people we trust when we want to impress our friends with a to-die-for German chocolate cake or show our mom we can actually keep a potted plant alive. I can’t say I’ve ever googled ‘mediocre German chocolate cake recipe’ or ‘average Joe’s top ten gardening tips’. We seek out the best of the best! Herein lies my dilemma. I have worn many hats over the past few years and have become a master of nothing. I am passionate about a lot of things, but you won’t find me leading a workshop on any of them. What do I have to talk about that is worth reading?

I’ll tell you what.

I have never had the heart for a ‘normal’ career. I once had an office job (okay, it was an internship) for a year. I sat behind a desk (on one of those big exercise balls) and felt my youth slipping away little by little as I gazed out the window at the blue sky, imagining the simple joys of reading a book on a park bench, running barefoot through soft grass or meeting a friend for a sweet, melty ice cream treat. (There are some people who can actually thrive in the office environment… thus far I have not found myself to be one of them.) Some might say, ‘We all have to grow up eventually. Pay those bills, buy a home, sign your life away and your happiness with it! Do the responsible thing!’ Well. It is to those people I wish to write. No matter what they might say, everyone needs a good laugh; a breath of fresh air to revive their poor souls from stuffy, recycled, tension-laden office air.

In a world full of stress-induced health problems, financial worries and don’t even mention politics, I want to remind people of the beauty of childlike wonder. Friends, we are given one life on this earth. I, for one, would much rather spend my time noticing the beauty of today than worrying about the problems of tomorrow. Thus begins my mission: to remind people to keep laughing out loud even when life seems to have lost its joy.

Check back for future posts that will hopefully help you see life through a different lens and maybe, just maybe, laugh out loud a little more.

[Humanity] has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century, but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

— Mark Twain



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